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Although surrounded by options for medical, psychological, and spiritual support, we lack a unified model of healing that can truly guide us in our journey to wellness. Thus we remain lost, suffering and confused. This book offers us hope. In it, Dr. Eve A. Wood presents an integrative approach to healing that combines traditional psychiatric practices and universal spiritual principles. By sharing her patients’ poignant, captivating, and miraculous tales of recovery to demonstrate crucial lessons, Dr. Wood demystifies the therapeutic process. She provides us with the concepts, tools, and resources we need to craft our own unique paths to personal fulfillment, joy, and health.
With extraordinary reverence and compassion for the human spirit, Dr. Wood demonstrates that with time, patience, willingness, and hope, we can work through even the most impossible challenges in order to achieve emotional health and inner peace. Believing that each of us has a tale that we’re meant to live and share, Dr. Wood shows us how to find and live our own stories.
Whether you suffer from a diagnosable condition, or simply want to better understand yourself, Harnessing Your Healing Potential will help you find your path to a better future.

About the Author

Eve A. Wood, M.D., is the author of numerous articles for medical and professional publications and is a frequent speaker at national workshops and conferences, including the American Psychiatric Association.
She has served on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, the executive committee of The Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital, and was recently appointed Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona Program in Integrative Medicine.

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