The Sari Shop Widow


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Anjali Kapadia, a 37-year-old widow, is devoted to transforming her parents’ sari shop into a chic boutique. The store has been her entire world, her only world actually. But life has strange twists up its sleeve. In spite of all her efforts, now, ten years later, the store stands on the brink of bankruptcy. Anjali could lose everything she has worked so hard for. Unless unless fate intervenes.

And it does . . . that too, all the way from London.

To the rescue comes Jeevan Kapadia, Anjali’s rich, dictatorial uncle and Rishi Shah, his mysterious business partner. Forty-two years old, Rishi is half-Indian and half-British. His cool, steel-grey eyes and the deep air of secrets that hangs around him, trigger instant distrust in Anjali and her mother. But for Anjali, he also stirs something else, something more elemental and dangerous, a powerful attraction she hasn’t felt in a long, long time.

And the feeling is mutual.

As Anjali and Rishi both get caught in the maelstrom of unexpected love, their once familiar worlds begin to change. But a startling secret from Rishi’s past threatens to break them apart. Falling in love seems not so simple.

What will Anjali do now? Will Anjali be able to rediscover the magic of love?