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RAW: A History of India’s Covert OperationsThe Research and Analysis Wing, India’s shadowy external intelligence agency, is one of the country’s least understood institutions—at least in part by design. Perhaps fittingly for a spy agency, there is very little information about R&AW in the public domain. What is this organisation, its structure, its role and vision? Why was it set up? Who are the people that run it?Set up in 1968, as a reaction to India’s massive intelligence failure during the war with China, R&AW played a crucial role in the formation of Bangladesh. It has since carried out highly successful covert operations in Fiji, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, and has countered and foiled Pakistani spy agency ISI’s machinations in the subcontinent. R&AW has operations in other parts of the globe too; it played an important role during the Iran–Iraq war, for instance.No country can increase its global reach without intelligence support. That India has made enormous strides in its stature and influence is testimony to R&AW’s success. Yet, public accounts of its work exist only in highly romanticised fictional stories. Investigative journalist Yatish Yadav follows the lives of real agents and maps their actions in real situations. His conversations with Indian spies provide insight into how covert operations actually work. RAW: A History of India’s Covert Operations is the first comprehensive account of Indian spy networks and their intelligence gathering, and their role in securing and advancing Indian interests.R.N. Kao Gentleman SpymasterThe riveting story of a spymaster…history doesn’t come more riveting than this. The research and analysis wing (r&aw), India’s foreign intelligence organisation, is one of the most respected institutions in the world of espionage and Foreign intelligence today. It has played a vital role in almost all of the landmark events in India’s recent history—from the 1971 war to the merger of Sikkim, from discovering Pakistan’s nuclear programme to the recent balakot operation. Yet, as befits its role, very little is known about the organisation. Equally little is known about its founder, rameshwar Nath Kao or rnk. An intensely private man, rnk was the classical spymaster who operated in the shadows but built enduring institutions. A ruthless professional who believed in putting National interest above his personal preferences, rnk was also the creator of the secretive aviation research centre, India’s premier technical intelligence agency. His finest hour was the role played by r&aw in the creation of Bangladesh.

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