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It is given to very few by Destiny that their virtues are equal to their genius and their character is distinguished not by a few admirable prominences, but is uniformly elevated. Justice Venkatachaliah belongs to that exceptional class. A man of law of a select band, an erudite scholar and a saintly person, he is one of our most illustrious and revered judges. He is among the few who have occupied the highest positions without being touched by the pomp and paraphernalia of office and without compromising the highest standards of integrity and independence.

Justice M N Venkatachaliah – The M a n & The Judge, presents the journey and evolution of the man who became a revered judge, whose legacy will continue to inspire generations to come. The book contains a fairly comprehensive biographical sketch of Justice Venkatachaliah and editorial notes on almost all his reported judgments in the Supreme Court and the High Court, besides some of his speeches and writings. His judgments are masterpieces of judicial exposition. To study his life and work is to share in a rich and awesome heritage which will benefit both the lawyer and the layman. The book is an admirable timely reminder of the great values that his life and work represent and his abiding influence on our lives and thinking, illuminating the landscape with his radiance.

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2021 A.D