Nepal: From War to Peace


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In the recent past Nepal, has undergone enormous changes in social, political, ethnic and economic spheres particularly following the 1st people’s movement of 1990 and further drastic changes from the 10 years (1996-2006) of deadly armed conflict waged by the CPN (Maoist) and subsequent people’s movement of April 2006 that led to end the centuries old institution of monarchy, opened avenues for ending injustice and discrimination based on caste, ethnicity, class, gender and geography and created space for promoting social justice, equity and inclusiveness. However, sustaining and advancing these achievements is major challenge for the political actors of this country. This book focuses on the contemporary issues and explores possible ways for moving ahead. This volume critically examines the decade long armed conflict and its impacts on various sectors, explores opportunities and challenges for the Nepal’s peace process and future development. This book provides comprehensive overview of the trajectory of Nepal form 10 years of civil war to peace. This volume will be valuable reference book for readers who are interested in: Nepal’s power, politics and political change. Land conflict and its relation with politics. Environmental stresses created by the armed conflict. Dynamics of internal displacement; hydro-conflict and its political implications in Nepal and beyond. Public legitimacy issue in making post conflict constitution. Relationship between the armed conflict and tourism and potentials of tourism sector in promoting peace. Reorienting of development the post-conflict situation. Various impact of the armed conflict. Role of women in Nepal’s peace process. Debate on the security sector restructuring after the armed conflict and challenges and opportunities for Nepal to achieve inclusive democracy, durable peace and economic prosperity.

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Bhrikuti Pustak








Adroit Publishers

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2010 A.D


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