If Tomorrow Comes


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This 1985 crime fiction novel is the story of an ordinary woman who faces tough circumstances and metamorphoses into a different persona altogether. Tracy has a new job at a banking firm, a wealthy fiancé whose child she is carrying and high hopes from life. Just when everything appears seamless, her life takes a drastic turn.

Tracy’s mother commits suicide and she soon discovers that her mother was in a lot of debt after being tricked by New Orleans Mafia. She decides forthrightly to take vengeance on the mob. However, she ends up getting raped. With his influences, the Mafia boss Orsatti charges Tracy with attempt to murder and theft. Betrayed by her lawyer, who leads her to believe that pleading guilty would shorten her sentence, Tracy lands in prison with a 15 year sentence to serve.

Brutalized in the prison, she loses her baby and is deserted by her fiancé, too. All alone, Tracy decides to toughen up, she makes friends with an influential prisoner Enristine, who supports her through her tough time.

When Tracy gets paroled, she starts plotting the downfall of every man who led her life this way. After taking revenge of her mother’s death and her prison sentence, Tracy finds redemption in becoming a con-artist. She now steals from those that she believes deserve to be stolen from. With her newly gained talents and a haunting criminal record, Tracy’s life is now a colorful crime bender.

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Bhrikuti Pustak








Harper Collins

Year of Publication

2005 A.D