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‘Discover Your Destiny’ is a story about enlightenment of Dar Sanderson, who is an incredibly ambitious executive. The book throws light on the fact that ‘happiness and harmony can never be achieved and assured by SUCCESS’. Dar is an achiever in almost every aspect of life, yet he is void from the inside. He is really unhappy with his life and is always unsatisfied. No significance seems to have been left in his so-called-successful life. While being engrossed in this not-so-interesting situation, he inadvertently meets Julian Mantle, the eminent monk who sold his Ferrari and as a result instilled insightful acumen and wisdom to perpetual success on his journey to India which was purely sacred and spiritual.

Filled with some hope of a makeover, Dar sets out to India with a positive outlook. Julian recommends The 7 Stages of Self-Awakening to Dar so that he is too able to enlighten himself by finding true meaning to his life. These 7 stages include lectures relating to; up-surging of one’s true potential, steering clear of self-deception, steering away from your fears and transforming them into victories.

The book enlightens Dar Sanderson to the extent of endless wisdom and claiming an authority into choosing his own destiny. The write-up is available in Paperback form and can be ordered online at Amazon India.

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Bhrikuti Pustak








Jaico Books

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2004 A.D

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