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A Hundred And One Days: A Baghdad Journal is a non fiction book written by Asne Seierstad, a Norwegian journalist. This book explores the period of time she stayed in the battle-ravaged Iraq, and writes down her personal experiences. For a duration of 101 days, this journalist remained in Baghdad and endured the beginning of the war in Iraq. She describes this dramatic period of time when the normal lives of Iraqis transformed into a dangerous, threat-filled endeavour.

She talks about her harrowing experiences of trying to live in Baghdad when the situation of war was imminent. Because this author could not speak the native language, she had an even more difficult time in getting her way around. Then one day, she stumbled upon a highly valued guide and translator named Aliya, who helped her in Baghdad until the time she stayed there. The author left the country soon after Baghdad fell to the American forces.

In this book, she pens down the interviews she had with numerous Iraq citizens trapped in the middle of war. The situation in Iraq had soon progressed to such a disastrous state that soon, bare essentials had to be rationed out by the public. The author elaborates on the sites of disaster where bomb blasts had taken place, and talks about how schools, hospitals, offices, etc. became common battlegrounds.

A Hundred And One Days: A Baghdad Journal is the real-life experiences of a journalist where she documents her observations of a catastrophic war. The reprint edition of this book was published by Perseus Book Group in 2006, and is available in the form of a paperback.

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